Great Gatsby reignites trends, passion for book

The Great Gatsby dazzles in 3D, showcasing Leonardo di Caprio as the fabulously wealthy golden boy obsessed with winning back the woman he loves who married someone else

As Daisy Buchannan, Carey Mulligan has just the right touch of obsession in this rich mix of music, image, and literature. F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel may leave a mark on our times. New copies of the book are flying off the shelves at Politics and Prose.

It's number one on the Washington Post best seller paper back list and remains in print.

The movie's costumes reflect original Brooks Brothers designs. This Spring, you can dress like Gatsby in a pink linen suit or a striped blazer. You might even see somebody in a straw boater.

Over the top filmmaker Baz Luhrman loves to push the envelope. The new Gatsby goes overboard on style. Some will hate the result, others will love it.