Glen McCarthy nominated for Grammy

FAIRFAX, Va. (WJLA) – When you think of Grammy stars, you think of superstars and rock stars – but this George Mason University professor of music is joining the ranks.

Glen McCarthy is a retired Fairfax County Public School music teacher who is nominated for the new “Educator of The Year” award.

“It’s really cool, I mean there’s no question. But I’ve won already as far as I’m concerned, whatever happens,” he said.

He's one of ten national finalists that were whittled down from 30,000 nominations.

“I've had some students that have actually posted songs they’ve written for me – it’s really gratifying," he said.

We Skype'd with Shane Hines, whom McCarthy taught in the 9th grade. Hines is now making a run at the music business in Nashville.

“He was my introduction to guitar in a real way; he’s sort of like, one of my first musical heroes," said Hines.

Mr. McCarthy has helped literally thousands of kids in Fairfax learn about music, and he says you can learn a song in just two minutes.

He happened to teach me “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles in less than two minutes, and it was great! I now know a Beatles song – this guy is magical.

“I look at it as a journey myself,” said McCarthy. “I’m still taking lessons…As I lovingly say, I try to spread the guitar gospel.”