Georgetown Cupcake: Election inspirations

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D.C.’s most famous cupcakery isn’t afraid to get political! And in spirit of the upcoming election, Georgetown Cupcake is offering up some tasty, yet patriotic gourmet treats. ABC7 got the sweet details from Katherine and Sophie, better known as the “cupcake sisters”.

ABC7: How did you choose the flavors for the political cupcakes?
KATHERINE: We chose our most popular flavors that kept with the “red, white, and blue” patriotic theme, and that would match well with our election-inspired fondant decorations. We chose red velvet, lava fudge, chocolate & buttercream, and vanilla & buttercream. Both Parties have the same flavors to not give any Party an unfair advantage!

ABC7: Were there any “sisterly disagreements” over the flavors or testing of the political cupcakes?
SOPHIE: Though we have sisterly fights all the time, we tried our best to maintain a bipartisan spirit while designing these cupcakes!

ABC7: In an unscientific cupcake poll, which cupcake is selling better?
KATHERINE: According to our “Georgetown Cupcake Poll”, the Democrats are ahead by a 6 percent margin! We’re updating the poll twice daily on our website!

ABC7: Without giving away your political preferences, which political flavor is your favorite and why?
SOPHIE: We’re a bipartisan bakery – so I can’t take sides! We designed the cupcakes so that each Party has the same flavors in their dozens. My favorite is the red velvet!

SOPHIE & KATHERINE: It’s going to be fun to find out which Party has the bigger sweet tooth and also how accurate we are with the popular vote in the real election.

Sisters Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne are the co-founders of Georgetown Cupcake, stars of the hit series DC Cupcakes on TLC, and best-selling authors. Learn more about their new book, their new stores and upcoming projects at

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