Gas station gift baskets, last minute holiday ideas

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You might not think that your local gas station had much to offer in the range of holiday gifts, but if you’re down to the wire, it’s the perfect place to “fill up”! At least that's what Jolene Sugarbaker thinks.

Jolene says grab a few baskets, bags or containers from home and tap into your clever side. Whacky-themed gift baskets are always a hit and you can throw them together while driving to grandma’s house!

You Never Call

• Phone Card

• 2 quarters

• Stamp and envelope

• Note pad with your phone number in it.

Card Inscription Idea: “You never call, you never write - here’s something to make that right!”

Light of My Life

• Flash Light

• Butane Lighter

• Road Flare

• Candle

• Free Matches

Card Inscription Idea: “To the light of my life this holiday! You light my way!”

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New Job During The Holidays

• Room Spray

• Stick Up Air Freshener

• Candle

• Scented Oil

• Coffee Mug

Card Inscription Idea: “Here’s to the sweet smell of success. Congrats and Happy Holidays.”

Go Nuts!

• Nut Roll Candy Bar

• Peanuts

• Cashews

• Sunflower Seeds

Card Inscription Idea: “To my Favorite Nut! Happy Holidays.”

Tropical Getaway

• Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket

• Coconut Candy Bar

• Exotic Fancy Water

• Orange Juice and Fresh Fruit

Card Inscription Idea: “Couldn’t afford the plane ticket to send you there. Maybe this will transports you to some place sunny.”

Holidays are a Headache

• Aspirin

• Peppermint Roll Candy

• Wet Towelettes

• Bottle of Water

Card Inscription Idea: “Sorry your holiday has been such a headache!”

Your Car Is a Mess

• Windshield Wiper Fluid

• Squeegee

• Paper Towels

• Glass Spray

• Pine Tree Air Freshener

Card Inscription Idea: “Sorry your car is such a mess! Hope this gets things back in order for 2013!”

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If you're curious about things like dryer-sheet wreaths, hot dog soup and gelatin air-fresheners, you've got to check out Jolene's 25 Days of Christmas. They're on her website, and on her YouTube channel. And FYI, Jolene’s Trailer Park Test Kitchen and Craft Room are located in Alexandria, VA.

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