Fleetwood Mac stars talk tour, Buckingham Nicks 40th anniversary

Rolling Stone magazine's Andy Greene{ }has a great Q&A with Fleetwood Mac staples Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks about the famed band's upcoming world tour -- and a potential revival of the pre-Mac Buckingham Nicks band.

Here's a link to the story.{ }{ }And here's a brief glimpse of the piece, per Rolling Stone:

Stevie Nicks: "I went into Lindsey's house two weeks ago and spent four days there. We also recorded a very old Buckingham Nicks song that we loved and couldn't figure out why it didn't go on the album. It got brushed under the carpet somehow. We recorded it, so that's a third song.{ }Next year is the 40th anniversary of Buckingham Nicks, and we're hoping next year to get the record out. Then we'll take that lost song and put it on the record. That's kind of exciting, though it doesn't have anything to do with Fleetwood Mac. People have been waiting forever for that record to come back out. Fleetwood Mac is totally good with us doing that. They know."

Lindsey Buckingham: "Putting out Buckingham Nicks, I'm totally down with that. To do what she's talking about, we need some bonus tracks. We need to do one from each of us. I'm totally down with that. I'm not necessarily opposed to doing that in a Fleetwood Mac set, although it hits me a little bit like we're going off message. But did she mention any other new material to you? I bet she didn't."