Father and daughter discuss viral 'Beauty and the Beast' duet video

Amore and Lance Horsley's duet video has seen more than 15,000 views since being posted on YouTube. (WSYX/WTTE)

NEWARK, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) - As "Beauty and The Beast" hits theaters this weekend. The movie has inspired a father daughter duet.

Lance Horsley and his 11 year old daughter, Amore, filmed the music video just last week and already it's received more than 15,000 hits on YouTube.

"It's crazy," says Lance.

But what makes the video so special is that hit highlights, what is "A Tale As Old As Time," the bond between a father and his daughter.

"I didn't even know she could sing, " says Lance. "It's her first time to sing."

Lance is a Christian singer from Newark. He and his brother first recorded the song with Lance just singing, but he says it wasn't what they wanted.

"I recorded it, finished it and it didn't sound quite right. It was silly to sing by myself." he said.

Lance says his mother suggested getting his daughter involved and the connection between the two of them was just magical.

It was tough for Amore at first, because she is so shy.

Her dad says it was a big surprise that should could pull this off because she's "very shy."

But the video has helped Amore with her modesty and just like the character Belle, she's able to show her strength.

"She's really pretty, " Amore said. "She can sing and I like that she likes books."

Amore also loves books. It's why they filmed the music video at her school library.

The video took about two hours to complete, and now is going viral.

"It makes this so much more special since she's in the video," said Lance. " You don't always get to sing with your daughter."

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