Farewell, Arch! After 40 years on the air, Arch Campbell gives his final movie review

Arch Campbell is taking a break after 40 years on the air in Washington. (WJLA)

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) – This is my final report on ABC 7 News. I hope to leave you with something short and helpful.

This week I watched “The November Man” with Pierce Brosnan as a CIA spy brought back on a case. Everybody’s glad to see him as a spy, because he was so good as James Bond. But—eh. About halfway through things get so complicated, and they throw in so many cliches, that after a while, you can’t get outta there. So, two stars.

Here are a few more movies that I want to recommend to you this summer: if you only see one movie, make it “Boyhood,” which follows a kid from age 6 to age 18. For fun, see “Guardians of the Galaxy.” “Get On Up” is the musical of the summer, “Chef” is back in theaters, you can get “Snowpiercer” on demand, and “Calgary” is a small gem.

I’m only taking a break—not retiring; good actors get off the stage early.

Watch a special tribute to Arch Campbell in the video above.