Facebook set to reveal all about you, like it or not

The worlds most popular - and possibly most hated - social media site, is about to undergo a major change.

With the new Facebook Timeline, everything you've ever placed on Facebook will be visible for people to see whether you like it or not.

Within days, all of Facebook's 800 million users' profile pages will change. And with it, every photo, status update, wall posting, since your Facebook birth will be much more easily visible.

Facebook claims Timeline will make profiles more comprehensive. In it's official response to user outcry, the social network says that there are no actual changes to the privacy functions of the site.

Consumer advocacy groups say it violates users privacy.

"We want people to decide if they want to post the old stuff on the wall, says Marc Rotenberg, of the Electronic Privacy Information Center. "We want people to decide whether the stuff Facebook wants to post, is the stuff they want. It really should be up to the user, not Facebook."

But for now it'll be up to Facebook to decide, and users to try to hide the stuff they'd like to keep private.

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