E Street Band embarks on first tour, album without 'Big Man'

Daybreak Daily’s always-respectful look at the pop-culture world and all the many fine things it contributes to society at least finds news of touring and album plans for the E Street Band.

GIVE IT A REST, PLEASE: Rihanna’s latest album, “Talk That Talk,” draws a not-sure-what-to-make-of-this-but-seems-as-though-this-sex-tiger-act-has-become-tiresome review from the Los Angeles Times, “The 23-year-old star, who's been gliding toward the edges of pop propriety since her first hit in 2005, has progressively pushed toward NC-17 territory, moving from the insinuation of "Umbrella" to the naughtier "Hard" and the Caribbean-flavored murder ballad "Man Down," from 2010's "Loud." The parental warning stickers have done wonders for her career, but the sauciness sometimes borders on shtick.”

JUNGLELAND?: Bruce Springsteen’s website has announced partial 2012 touring plans, as well as the E Street Band’s intentions for releasing a new album but there’s no mention of who will replace the recently deceased Clarence Clemons on the sax. The four announced shows are mid-summer gigs in England, with news of U.S. appearances to follow “soon,” per the site,

ANOTHER NICE GESTURE: Back to trends in danger of getting old, here’s a yarn from People describing yet another star-accepts-military-veteran-invitation. “She may have been the guest of honor at Friday night's Marine Corps Ball, but fellow attendees say Mila Kunis put aside her star status to honor 236 years of military history. The actress "was very nice and very respectful," an enlisted Marine who attended the Greenville, N.C., ball tells PEOPLE. "She gets credit and a lot of respect for coming here, not being part of this world and following through on her word."

Kunis, 28, who dazzled in black as the date of Sgt. Scott Moore, took in Marine traditions, such as a birthday cake ceremony, in which the oldest and youngest Marines slice and eat the first serving of the cake.”

COLD CASE: Natalie Wood’s death 30 years ago continues to be investigated after the case was re-opened, and new details, such as this item from Radar, are beginning to be revealed, “Robert Wagner told a Coast Guard captain he didn't call for help sooner to find his missing wife Natalie Wood because he thought she was off "screwing around," homicide detectives have been told. In a sworn statement presented to the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, Roger Smith, the former Supervising Rescue Boat Captain on Catalina Island, Calif., said he was the first to question the Hart-to-Hart actor about what took place on their yacht, Splendour, on the fateful night of November 29, 1981.{ }

THEY REALLY LIKE ME: Taylor Swift’s American Music Awards haul left her, as usual, “shocked,” per the AP, “Taylor Swift and Adele tied with three wins at the American Music Awards, but the event belonged to the country superstar after she beat the soulful crooner, as well as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Lil Wayne, to win artist of the year, the ceremony's highest accolade, which the 21-year-old singer-songwriter previously claimed in 2009.”

PHOTOS AND MORE PHOTOS: In case you were wondering, Us Weekly has a photo gallery of the AMA attendees.

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

--Skip Wood