Does Hollywood's Walk of Fame have too many handprints?

Marilyn Monroe (left) and Jane Russell

Daybreak Daily’s afternoon look at the slowly awakening pop-culture world finds a very good read by the Los Angeles Times, other things, and the mystery music video.

GREAT GRAUMAN’S READ: This is something that’s been simmering in Hollywood for quite some time now, and the Los Angeles Times provides a comprehensive breakdown, “Grauman's Chinese Theatre is hallowed Hollywood tourist ground, the famed site where silver-screen stars such as Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra literally cemented their legends by making hand- and footprints in concrete. On a recent November morning, those movie icons were joined by three gigantic rodents: Alvin and the Chipmunks. . .

“The pace of paw and other print-making at Grauman's has taken off in recent months. The complex has hosted 11 ceremonies so far this year. . . That's the largest number of ceremonies the theater has held since its opening in 1927, when nine individuals put their prints in cement.”

BURIED LEDE ALERT: Here’s the final sentence in a relatively lengthy People piece about Sinead O’Connor discussing the reasons for ending her ultra-brief marriage to Barry Herridge: “She adds: "Then I was handed a load of crack. Barry was very frightened – that kind of messed everything up a bit, really."

THIS IS REALLY COOL: Saw it last night on the network news. Sad but uplifting, per Radar (includes video), “A beautiful teenage boy has told his heartbreaking story with note cards just days before tragically passing away Christmas day. Ben Breedlove has left his grieving family, but although he is gone he will never be forgotten, leaving behind a two part video message about his life long struggle with the chronic illness that eventually took him.”

STRIPPED: Here’s wondering what Stan Lee thinks about this, per the AP, “Comic book publisher Marvel Entertainment owns the rights to the Ghost Rider character in the fiery form that originated in the early 1970s, a federal judge ruled Wednesday as she rejected the claims of a former Marvel writer seeking to cash in on lucrative movie rights.”

YAWN ALREADY: People do sometimes, in fact, break up, per TMZ, “Rumors that Katy Perry and Russell Brand are calling off their marriage have just been fueled by explosive new photos ... of Russell in London ... NOT wearing his wedding ring.”

HAS SHE EVEN READ THE NEWSLETTERS?: Just sayin.’ Per Us Weekly, “Kelly Clarkson is getting political. The American Idol champ voiced her support for Republican Ron Paul Wednesday via Twitter, and says that should the Texas politician snag a 2012 presidential bid, he's got her vote.

“When Clarkson's Twitter followers accused the politician, 76, of racism and homophobia, the singer was forced to clarify her endorsement. "I love all people and could care less if you like men or women," she replied to one Twitter follower after fans cited articles published in a Paul newsletter from the late 1970s until 1990. "I have never heard that Ron Paul is a racist or homophobe?" (Paul has denied he wrote the commentary and said he does not agree with the statements.)”

FUNNY: Jerry, Bobby and a commercial.

YOU DECIDE: The disclamer says it all, per the L.A. Times, “SPOILER WARNING: This story, which will appear in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times 2012 Film Sneaks issue, reveals some details about a scene in the upcoming film “The Dark Knight Rises.”

STATE FAIR FRAUD: Alleged, that is. Per the Indianapolis Star, “Two women apparently hoped to score a financial windfall by claiming to have been injured at the Aug. 13 stage-rigging collapse at the Indiana State Fair -- even though, investigators say, neither woman was at the concert that night. Instead of enjoying fattened bank accounts, Stephanie Murry, 25, and Sandra Hurn, 38, face fraud charges and the prospect of years in prison.”

FOUNDING MOTHER: Of Invention. Per Rolling Stone, “The original madcap woodwind player of Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention, Jim Sherwood, passed away on December 25th at age 69. Cause of death is not yet determined.”

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

--Skip Wood (Follow me on Twitter @DaybreakSkip)