Dancing With the Stars: Fierce competition for final seven

There are only three weeks until the finals for Dancing With the Stars. It’s been a competitive season that could come down to who wants the mirror ball trophy the most.

The remaining contestants are people accustomed to competition, whether it’s on the football field, the balance beam or in auditions. It seems they’re all channeling that ambitious energy into their dances.

The competition is friendly but nonetheless fierce for the final seven.

“We’re going to take that shiny ball back to Nashville baby,” said country music star Kellie Pickler.

Each of the surviving contestants has something to prove.

“I read something on TMZ and it said they hired Andy Dick for comedy, and they don’t expect much,” Andy Dick explained.

Disney star Zendaya is 16-years-old and the youngest contestant ever.

“I feel like being young people say, 'She’s young. We’ll give her a pass.’ I don’t want any passes. I want to be just as good as everybody else," she said.

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones is known for having some of the best touchdown dances in the NFL. And for Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, there’s a high-flying standard. Her mentor Shawn Johnson danced to the top of the leader board twice.

“She’s always been a role model to me. I looked up to her and watched her in the 2008 Olympics and watched both seasons on the show. She was awesome,” Raisman added.

Then there’s the buff bachelor Sean Lowe and the sultry soap opera star Ingo Rademacher, who has a not-so-secret weapon, his partner Kym Johnson.

“She’s great, and she’s won twice already. She’s very patient.”

But one of this season’s clear frontrunners is Pickler and her dance partner Derek Hough, the best pro-dancer yet.

“You know what my strategy is? It’s to adapt, to constantly change as I’m going. Even when you think you know it all, you never really do. It’s about making it about her and making her shine,” Hough said.

Four couples are headed home before the final battle for the mirror ball trophy can begin.