Chris Brown's body guard found guilty of assault ahead of singer's trial

(WJLA) - Chris Brown’s security guard, 35-year-old Chris Hollosy, walked out of D.C. Superior Court on Monday after being found guilty of assault.

There was no comment from his lawyer, and after Hollosy walked out Parker Adams – the man the judge claims Hollosy was guilty of hitting last October outside the W Hotel.

Grammy Award winning singer Chris Brown was up next in the courtroom, where cameras were not allowed. He walked in just minutes after the Hollosy guilty verdict, wearing a suit and tie and looking intense as he spoke with Attorney Mark Geragos.

"He did want me to express that he is delighted with the outpouring of support that he's had and the people who have been supportive -- frankly, I am pretty proud of him; he's handling himself very well," said Geragos.

Everyone was set to go for Brown's trial, but it could not begin because Hollosy was supposed to testify. However, Hollosy has the right to appeal his guilty conviction, which would take several months. So how does he take the stand and testify without incriminating himself?

Whether the government will grant him immunity or Chris Brown’s team will just have to do without him is still under question. Both the prosecution and defense have been given until Wednesday morning to figure it out.

In response to the dilemma, Attorney Mark Geragos stated:

"If I can't have Mr. Hollosy, I don't want to have to sit and have Chris languish for a year while he appeals. I have a couple of ideas, but I am not going to share them with you...I will share them with the judge on Wednesday."