Chris Brown and Rihanna rekindle romance?

      Rumors are flying that singers Chris Brown and Rihanna are once again a couple.

      Brown announced he broke up with his girlfriend because he didn’t want to see her hurt over his friendship with Rihanna.

      Brown also released a documentary-style clip, which shows footage of his exes.

      In the video, Brown questioned if it’s possible to love two women at once.

      “You know when you share a history with somebody then you tend to fall in love with somebody else it's kind of difficult. You know what I'm saying? Is there such a thing as loving two people? I don't know. I don't know if that's possible," Brown said in the video.

      Brown did admit in the clip that he was a bit drunk.

      He and Rihanna have had a rocky relationship.

      He was convicted of assaulting her in 2009, but the two have rebuilt their friendship.

      Rihanna even admitted during a recent interview with Oprah that a part of her still loves Brown.