Caught on video: Actress Jennifer Aniston freaks out during Ice Bucket Challenge

Actress Jennifer Aniston. (AP file photo)

HOLLYWOOD (ABC News) - Actress Jennifer Aniston finally did the Ice Bucket Challenge with the help of her fiance Justin Theroux, but the former "Friends" star wasn't too excited about doing it.

Aniston, 45, was noticeably scared as she awaited the cold bath.

She accepted the challenge from Theroux, but kept shaking as she said, "I'm going to make a huge, ginormous donation" and she nominated Charlie Downy, Courteney Cox, Chelsea Handler and Howard Stern.

Theroux, says "Slowly!" as he taunts her and slowly pours the ice water on Aniston.

She screams "Oh my God, this is the worst, take it away!" and covers her face in pain from the ice.