Calypso comes to National Aquarium's Blacktip Reef

Calypso swims in her tank. (Photo: WJLA)

The Blacktip Reef is a new coral-filled exhibit at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Hundreds of fish have been added to the waters in just the last week. So far, the crowds who visit are mesmerized by sea creatures and divers who put on a show.

Soon, more than 70 species of fish will live in the artificial reef. Right now, divers go in twice a day to feed the animals and check on the exhibits.

ABC7 sent Dr. Katy into the waters to get a closer look at the 500 pound star attraction. Her name is Calypso. She’s a Green sea turtle who was rescued thirteen years ago after getting stranded in the Long Island sound. She was also the first animal added to the new exhibit.

"As you can see she only has three flippers,” explained Leigh Clayton, Director of Animal Health. “And that one flipper had to be amputated because it was too injured."

Calypso waited in a nearby facility for a year while crews built her new home. She’s described as a little shy, and an expert at stealing squid from some of the sharks. So far, she’s a big hit with visitors.

In the next couple of weeks, 20 Black Tip Reef sharks will move into the new exhibit to live with Calypso, and one thousand other sea creatures.