Bullet-riddled school bus arrives at George Mason University

With shattered glass littering the floor, "Incident" looks more like a piece of evidence than a piece of art. The art installation shows the damage 6,000 rounds of ammunition can do to a school bus.

"It's definitely interesting but also somewhat shocking too, just to show the power of it basically," said George Mason University student Anthony Sucher.

The piece originally debuted in Toronto last Sept., but in light of the recent Newtown tragedy, students at George Mason say "Incident" takes on a far deeper meaning.

Student Anne Smith added, "Having Newtown fresh in our minds, it brings a much more urgent context to the project."

While "Incident" is thought-provoking in relation to the ongoing gun debate in America, artist Victor Mitic insists he isn't trying to push a gun law agenda.

"I'm not an activist, I'm an artist," Mitic said."...I can only reflect on what's happening around me and create pieces that kind of bring it closer to the audience."

For students at George Mason, reflecting upon the sheer magnitude of the installation has been an emotional challenge.

"It's hard to verbalize. It's a lot. It's a lot of bullets," said George Mason student Victor Merino.

Mitic says he wants his piece to make the audience think, but he would also like to make a sale. He says "Incident" is for sale.

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