Britney Spears turned 30 Friday, and here's a look at the roller coaster

Daybreak Daily’s afternoon therapy session with the pop-culture world discovers a time-flies birthday, a Santa scrooge, much more, and the mystery music video.

THIS IS VINTAGE TMZ PROSE: No intro necessary, per, of course, TMZ, “Little Britney Spears turns 30 today ... but it seems like only yesterday that she was in the Mickey Mouse Club, recording smash hits, posing in a bra on Rolling Stone, dating Justin Timberlake, attempting to act in a movie, dancing with snakes, kissing Madonna, marrying for 55 hours, getting an annulment, remarrying, having kids, driving with her kids in her lap, divorcing, partying with Paris, flashing her Britney, dating the paparazzi, traipsing barefoot through Malibu gas stations, shaving her head, attacking paps with an umbrella, going to rehab, going to rehab, going to rehab, imploding at the VMAs, being hauled out on a gurney, wearing pink wigs, almost losing custody of her kids, being put under a conservatorship, gazing blankly into space, lip synching, arm dancing, falling for her agent and getting back on top.”

MEANWHILE: People piles on (with extended photo gallery). “Her striptease! Her surprise weddings! That kiss! As she turns 30, revisit her most jaw-dropping moments.”

SEEMED LIKE A (GOOD?) IDEA: At the time, anyway. Upon reflection, not so much, per PerezHilton, “We recently reported on WFLD's Robin Robinson telling everyone watching the 9pm news in the Chicago area that there was no Santa Claus, and as to be expected, there was some SERIOUS backlash against the news anchor! Therefore, during last night's telecast, gurlfriend spent an entire segment apologizing for her error in judgment, and was even set loose on the streets to be scolded firsthand by her own viewers!”

LENO THE LOSER: Falls to David Letterman for the first time in 17 years, per Deadline, “NBC’s primetime woes are beginning to spill into late-night. Both The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon suffered double-digit year-to-year declines last month, giving CBS’ late-night lineup historic wins.

Late Show With David Letterman posted its first November sweep victory over The Tonight Show among adults 18-49 in 17 years, since Late Show‘s second season in 1994. Late Show was even in 18-49 vs. last November, while Tonight Show was down 20%. ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live tied Craig Ferguson and beat Fallon. It was even in 18-49 vs. last year and was the only broadcast late-night show to post growth in total viewers, up 7%.”

TOUGH CALL: Many Pentagon families surely can relate, per the Los Angeles Times, “Dream-like images of Tom Hanks in free fall. Loud, crushing sounds. Pieces of paper showering down from the skies. Test screenings of "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close," the Tom Hanks-Sandra Bullock post-9/11 film, which opens on Christmas Day, reportedly began with visual and aural reminders of the World Trade Center disaster. If those scenes remain in the finished film, it means director Stephen Daldry's work will be one of the very few Hollywood productions to deal with the events of Sept. 11, 2001, let alone show scenes from that day.

Which says a lot about how the film industry has tiptoed around this national tragedy. "It's been covered almost too carefully," says film critic Marshall Fine of "They've been so worried about offending somebody's sensibilities that they've held off. There's so much caution. We live in a time when every little perceived slight can turn into a cause celebre because of the Internet."

ROCKIN’ HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: The best audio tech, gadgets, box sets and books for the ultimate music fan, courtesy of Rolling Stone.

STRANGE STORY: Just ask Lindsay Lohan – it’s best not to irritate a real-deal judge, per the AP, “Country singer Mindy McCready is pushing her luck with the legal system by not following a judge's order to return her 5-year-old son to the care of her mother in Florida, her ex-boyfriend and father of the boy said Friday.”

STILL AN UNSETTLING SCENE: Those of a certain age will remember, per E!, “Bill McKinney, who played some of the most wicked big-screen villains of all time, among them the Mountain Man in the 1972 drama Deliverance, has died. He was 80. McKinney's family took to his Facebook page late Thursday to let fans know the sad news that the veteran character actor had succumbed after a battle with lung cancer.”

ZZZZZZZZ: You asked for it (or someone did, anyway), per Radar, “Kris Humphries wants the prenup he signed with estranged wife Kim Kardashian to be declared null and void because of the strict confidentiality clause that prohibits either one from discussing intimate details of the relationship to the media, is exclusively reporting.”

GOALLLLLLLLLL!: Nice move by Mr. Spice Girl, per Access Hollywood, “Away from fans’ prying eyes, David Beckham took time out from soccer to share his experiences and listen to Filipino children struggling to rebuild their broken lives. “It’s so important to have a dream,” Beckham told the former street children Friday at a UNICEF-supported shelter in a suburb of Manila, the Philippine capital where he and his teammates from the Los Angeles Galaxy are playing an exhibition against the country’s national team this weekend.”

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

--Skip Wood

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