Bob Ryan retires from WJLA

      In the late 1970s, Bob Ryan was the first meteorologist to regularly appear on the Today Show before coming to Washington in 1980.

      After 30 years as chief meteorologist at WRC, Bob joined the ABC7 family.

      Bob has helped build our digital weather strategy and guide local residents through severe weather like hurricanes, winter storms and even earthquakes.

      But there is one thing Bob loves more than the science of weather: family.

      "I've got a grandson now," he says. "My wife Olga has been supportive of the crazy schedule."

      Stepping back from his nightly duties, Bob says he'll really miss forecasting those big weather events.

      "Getting up there and saying, 'OK, here is what you should be doing and what you should be looking for.' On the other hand, I will look forward to sitting, having a cup of coffee and watching the snow fall and knowing I don't have to get into my age-old Bronco and rush into work that day."