Bill Murray as FDR an intriguing thing to see in intriguing film

Daybreak Daily’s afternoon perusal through the pop-culture aisle finds a welcome sight, and also provides a mystery music video.

THIS GUY CAN PLAY ANYTHING: Per the Huffington Post, “It raised a few eyebrows when the casting was first announced, but these first photos of Bill Murray playing President Franklin D. Roosevelt make clear that the "Ghostbusters" star was the perfect choice for the job.{ }

Murray chomps cigars and charms in the batch of stills from "Hyde Park On Hudson," an upcoming film from Focus Features that recounts the story of the British King and Queen's visit to Roosevelt's vacation home in 1939. The picture will mix political wrangling, with the royalty looking to the US for support in the inevitable war with the Nazis, and domestic drama, giving focus to Roosevelt's alleged affair with his distant cousin and confident, Daisy Suckley.”

YOU GO, NILS: Per Rolling Stone (with Q&A), “Despite 27 years as a member of the E Street Band, guitarist Nils Lofgren has no more idea than anyone when the legendary group might tour or record again. Nor is he concerned about that right now. "I'm so heartbroken Clarence is gone," he says of his fallen bandmate, Clarence "Big Man" Clemons, who passed away earlier this year at age 69.

But Lofgren is filling the E Street downtime and expressing his sorrow the best way he knows how – with music. He has a wonderful new album, Old School, featuring guest appearances by Paul Rodgers, Foreigner's Lou Gramm and Sam Moore, and he just wrapped up an acoustic duo tour with friend Greg Varlotta, with more dates to come in 2012.”

EVER HEARD OF THE PILL?: Per Radar, “Eight isn’t enough -- and apparently neither was 19. Michelle Duggar and her husband Jim Bob made the surprising announcement Tuesday that they are expecting their 20th child. "We are so excited," Michelle Duggar told the Today show. Michelle -- who’s three and a half months pregnant -- says she was surprised to discover that she's expecting again at 45. "I was not thinking that God would give us another one, and we are just so grateful."

UM, OK: Per Us Weekly, “Back in summer 2010, Kanye West filmed a cameo with Kim Kardashian on Kourtney and Kim Take New York -- and unconfirmed rumors claimed the reality starlet, 31, hooked up with the rapper, 34.

At least one person -- Amber Rose, West's ex -- seems to suggest the fling was for real. During a live Tuesday appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, the famously bald/close-cropped model, 29, played it extremely coy when asked about the alleged Kim/Kanye hookup.
Smiling broadly, Rose wouldn't answer outright. "I mean, Come on, like, you know," she told Wendy Williams, giggling. "Come on! We'll keep it cute."

HANDS OFF MY CANDY: Per Jimmy Kimmel,

PEOPLE FORGET: Per PerezHilton, “The face of MTV News for so many years and come out and said he believes Michael Jackson was a child molester.

Kurt Loder said in an interview that he believes the King of Pop might have done some illegal extracurricular activities with the boys that slept-over at his house through the years{ }

{ }Loder went on to say that Jackson's childhood was terrible which may have been the catalyst but he still believes it's hard to sympathize with someone who may or may not have touched little boys. He also said he was aware of Jackson paying off the parents of the children that visited him.”

MEANWHILE: Per the AP, “Just days after the guilty verdict for Conrad Murray, MSNBC will broadcast a documentary that promises to give the inside story of Michael Jackson's doctor.

MSNBC says Murray, who did not take the stand at his trial, breaks his silence in the program, "Michael Jackson and the Doctor," which has been two years in the making. Murray reveals personal details of his relationship with the King of Pop, as well as untold events that led to Jackson's death on June 25, 2009.”

BURNING QUESTION: Per E!, “Kim Kardashian may be breaking up with Kris Humphries, but it also looks like she's taking a break from reality television, too.

After visiting Kris over the weekend in Minnesota, Kim opted to skip a Dancing With the Stars taping with the rest of her fam last night and a dinner party afterward that was shot for their E! series.
So who's still shooting while Kim takes time off-camera? And, more importantly, where in the world is Kim?”

THE GOOD WIFE: Per Celebuzz, “Katie Holmes stepped out fashionably as only she can, to make an appearance on Good Morning America on Tuesday (Nov. 8). Wearing a khaki/gold raincoat paired with black heels, the star was all smiles while on her promo run for her new film Jack and Jill.

During her appearance, the former Dawson’s Creek star shared that she would be open to the idea of doing a movie with her superstar husband Tom Cruise, saying:
“You know if it’s the right thing, why not? He’s amazing.”{ }

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

--Skip Wood