Beyoncé and Cee Lo Green both plan to release two albums this year


The new mother of Blue Ivy, Beyoncé, is planning on releasing two albums this year. One Republic’s frontman, Ryan Tedder, writer of “Halo”, has already been working on songs about parenthood, according to

"The conversations about her next album literally just started and there [are] two projects happening," Tedder said to "All I can say is you kind of feed her the best that you have and she's this phenomenal filter and she takes it all in."{ }

Besides{ }Beyoncé,{ }{ }Cee Lo Green has recently announced on his Twitter page that he will also be releasing two albums this year. The first will be his fourth solo album, to{ }be titled “Everybody’s Brother”, and the other will be with his hip-hop group, Goodie Mob, to be titled “Age Against the Machine”, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Both Green albums will be out by the end of the year. There are no set release dates for{ }Beyoncé’s albums.