Bart Simpson -- yes, him -- has his repeated say about Karl Rove

Today’s look at the often cartoonish character of the pop-culture world finds a note political operative, an update on Bieber and Gomez, Barbara Walters on Lindsay Lohan, other things, and the mystery music video.

KICKING THE GUY WHEN HE’S DOWN: Some would say he brought it on himself, per Deadline, “Karl Rove‘s live, on-air reluctance to accept his own Fox News’ call of Ohio and thus the presidential race for Barack Obama has been fodder for many since Election Night, with everyone from Jon Stewart to Brian Williams and David Letterman taking their pokes at the GOP strategist-turned-Fox News pundit. Although oddly Saturday Night Live took a pass, The Simpsons picked up the slack Sunday night in its opening credits.”

BOX-OFFICE REPORT: Bond, James Bond, per the Los Angeles Times, “To no one's surprise -- not even jinx-fearing Sony executives -- "Skyfall" cleaned up at the U.S. box office this weekend. With $87.8 million in receipts, the Daniel Craig-led James Bond picture had the highest domestic opening in the franchise's history, and put itself in a strong position to land in the live-action top five when all is said and done for 2012.”

ADS AS DRAMA ON ABC: Too much of a hit?, per the New York Times, “A disturbing development Sunday night on ABC’s “Revenge”: It’s possible that the series’ advertisements became more interesting than the show itself. . . It was a little jarring to go from the show to commercials featuring the show’s stars — certainly not the first time that’s been done, but do we hate the gimmick or love it? More to the point, the ads were a welcome change in that they featured intrigue that built to a clear payoff. The series itself has more intrigue with each passing week, but does it still have a payoff?”

GETTING YOUR ATTENTION: And then some, per Entertainment Weekly, “What’s curvaceous and a bit naughty, with a greenish palor? This exclusive poster for the upcoming mega celebrity-filled ensemble comedy Movie 43! Touted as “The biggest cast every assembled, for the most outrageous comedy ever made,” the poster boasts a bada-boom outline of a greenish woman’s body with the movie’s title as the, er, crotch clincher.”

THE BIEBER-GOMEZ SPLIT: A certain star gets a tad testy, per Celebuzz, “After nearly two years together, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have parted ways — leaving the “Boyfriend” singer nearly speechless. Just hours after the couple’s breakup hit headlines, a befuddled Bieber stumbled over his words as he addressed the reported split in a radio interview. “All right…. I don’t know what to say,” the singer said on the Open House Party radio show Saturday, neither confirming nor denying the couple’s breakup. “I don’t know what’s going on in my life. To even assess that it doesn’t make sense ’cause I have not made any comment.”

DENIED: Just the facts, per E!, “Halle Berry did not get the result she was hoping for in court. A judge ruled Friday that the Cloud Atlas star, who has gone through a bitter custody battle with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, will not be able to move with their daughter, Nahla, to France, a source told E! News.”

LINDSAY LOHAN: An in-the-know host dishes, per Entertainment Tonight, “Barbara Walters finally opened up about Lindsay Lohan on The View this morning, for the first time since the Liz & Dick star bailed on their pre-arranged interview. "I have a few things to say about Lindsay Lohan," Walters began. "I like Lindsay Lohan very much. I've known her for years. She said whenever she did an interview, she'd do it with me." In fact, Walters revealed they'd even filmed part one of the interview, on the set of Liz & Dick, earlier this year. A clip from that chat was then shown, where Walters asked about the June 15 incident where paramedics were called to Lohan's hotel room."{ }

CHARACTER ACTRESS: Or is that actor? Anyway, per Us Weekly, “Although Les Miserables doesn't hit theaters until next month, there's already major Oscar buzz for Anne Hathaway. And if the actress, 29, ends up nabbing her first-ever Academy Award, it will follow over a year of chatter and gasps over her drastic physical transformation for the role of a dying, TB-afflicted prostitute Fantine in the star-studded big-screen adaptation of the Broadway epic.”

U2 INFLUENCE: Rather, one man, per Reuters, “Irish rocker and anti-poverty campaigner Bono will appeal to Democrats and Republicans during a visit to Washington this week to spare U.S. development assistance programs from cuts as Congress tries to avert the looming "fiscal cliff" of tax hikes and spending reductions early next year.”

STRONG WORDS: Politics as entertainment, per The Wrap, “MSNBC host Joe Scarborough accused the conservative media Monday of lying about the challenges facing Republicans throughout the 2012 election season. His comments echo incendiary remarks made last week by speechwriter and Newsweek columnist David Frum.”

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

--Skip Wood (Follow me on Twitter @DaybreakSkip)