Baby shower do's and don'ts

With so many tiny, cute items, it’s easy to get carried away when choosing items for a baby registry.

You really don't need fancy bells and whistles on any of these items. You think you do when you are about to become a parent and you quickly pare things down to what is necessary.

To make the most of a registry, experts from the baby website suggests expectant parents start with everyday needs like a top-notch car seat, a good diaper bag, a hands-free, lightweight baby carrier and a plan for later, include things like highchairs.

Don't be shy about asking for big-ticket items like cribs and strollers. Family, friends, and co-workers can pool together and they can also be used for baby number two.

Items to skip, however:

-pricey bedding sets. Soft bedding can be a hazard in a crib.
-designer clothes a baby will quickly outgrow,
-stuffed animals a newborn can't play with anyway.

And for gift-givers, resist the temptation to go off the registry.

There are lots of things on there that the mom and dad really thinks are going to help them in their first year or two. So we say chose from the registry list and get them something they really want and need.