Autocorrect fail: The perils of the smartphone function

Man versus machine. Finger versus microprocessor. You versus autocorrect.

Anyone with a touch-screen phone bares the burden of autocorrect, an automatic feature on smartphones that corrects common spelling and capitalization errors.

"I was texting someone trying to say I'm a busy girl; it auto-corrected to busty girl," said Caitie McCafferty. The phone function has also changed Caitie's name to "camcorder."

The success of the website Damn You Auto Correct! is one testament to the frequency of errors like this. Site creator Jillian Madison said the blog, which is just 18 months old, earns 1.25 million page views per day.

Part of why autocorrect gets smartphone users in so much trouble, Madison said, is because phones adapt to what people type.

"We are communicating, typing, talking so fast, we're not even saying, 'Hey, let me look at what I'm saying before I hit send,'" Madison said.

We asked our Facebook fans to give us their best autocorrect mishaps, and here's what they said.

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