Autobahn Indoor Speedway drawing female racers

JESSUP, Md. (WJLA) - Day or night, you can hear strange noises coming from a sprawling warehouse tucked away in the back of an industrial park in Jessup, Maryland. The sound is actually coming from the Autobahn Indoor Speedway, a track where go-karts whiz around Grand Prix style.

The track opened a few months ago. It's proving to be a place where macho men hang out. But speed, and the slightest bit of danger is attracting the ladies too. The women ABC7 spoke with say a sense of adventure and the thrill of competitiveness are what draws them.

Fifteen year old Tiffany Wang is a racer. She's also a tenth grader and one of the top figure skaters in the area. She says other racers underestimate her all the time.

"Just to see them when they get out and look up at the scoreboard and go, woah," said Wang.

Learic Cramer is a defense contractor by day. On the weekends she races Motocross and has raced in the Baltimore Grand Prix. During the week she's competing in the Autobahn Indoor Speedway Pro League .

"I am very competitive and this is a healthy way to let it out," explained Cramer.

The go-karts are electric powered, so there are no gas fumes, no oil spills and they can go up to 50 miles an hour.

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