4 STARS

      Blue Jasmin - Cate Blanchett gives an Oscar worthy performance in Woody Allen's updated "Streetcar Named Desire."

      Fruitvale Station - Michael B. Jordan captures the last day in the life of a young black man

      3 1/2 STARS

      The Butler

      The Spectacular

      The Way Way Back - Sam Rockwell takes an interest in Liamm James - a teen not happy with his morther or her bullying boyfriend

      20 Feet from Stardom - Stirring documentary about back up singers

      The Heat - Melissa McCarthy teaches Sandra Bullock how to let loose

      Frances Ha - Greta Gerwig as a young adult trying to find her way in New York - shot beautifully in black and white

      3 STARS

      Elysium - Matt Damon sci-fi with some sly notes on immigration and health care

      Despicable Me 2 - More rambunctious fun with Steve Carrell as Gru and Kristen Wiig as a love interest

      Pacific Rim - Better than expected modern "Godzilla" thanks to the creative touch of director Guillermo del Toro

      World War Z - Brad Pitt versus a Zombie outbreak - better than expected thriller

      2 1/2 STARS

      We're the Millers - Jennifer Anniston and Jason Sudekis impersonate a white bred middle American family to smuggle drugs

      The Wolverine - Hugh Jackman as the X Men character has a Japanese adventure

      The To Do List - Deadpan comic Aubrey Plaza plays a high school nerd determined to get in the swing

      Monster University - Billy Crystal and John Goodman learn how to scare kids. Might scare little ones

      Man of Steel - Superman's origin story - too much Planet Krypton, not enough "Daily Planet"

      2 STARS


      Reds 2 - Bruce Willis and friends return for a tepid over the hill spy sequel

      1 STAR

      Grown Ups 2 - Adam Sandler sequel. Why?

      White House Down - Channing Tatum saves President Jamie Foxx from bad guys

      Before Midnight - Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke continue their romantic series as an old married couple of who eat, talk and fight too much