4 STARS

      Gravity - Breakthrough moive about danger in space. Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and state of the art special effects. Oscar contender

      12 Years a Slave - One of the nineteenth century's greatest true stories receives the movie it deserves. Look for Oscar nomination for Chiwetel Ejiofor

      Blue Jasmine - Cate Blanchett gives an Oscar worthy performance in Woody Allen's updated "Streetcar Named Desire."

      3 1/2 STARS

      Enough Said - Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini's mid-life romance sours when Julia meets James' ex

      3 STARS

      Ender's Game - Asa Butterfield plays a kid recruited by Harrison Ford to defeat Earth's alien enemy

      About Time - Delightful comedy/romance about men with the ability to travel back in time and fix their mistakes.{ } Billy Nighy, Rachel McAdams, and Domhnall Gleeson

      Captain Phillips - Tom Hanks as a true life hijacked cargo ship captain

      All is Lost - Robert Redford tries to survive in a leaky sailboat in the middle of the ocean. Its all in his eyes

      2 1/2 STARS

      Thor: The Dark World

      2 STARS

      Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa - Jackass guy Johnny Knoxville as an old guy traveling with his grandson

      The Counselor (R) - Cromac McCarthy novel about drugs -- long and talky and substitutes posing for action

      Carrie - Remake of a horror classic falls short

      1 STAR

      Last Vegas - Low grade geezer comedy with Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Klein and Robert DeNiro.{ } Great actors - stupid script

      Diana - Oh what a terrible movie.{ } "Diana" presents Lady Di as divorced and lovesick over a heart surgeon.{ } Sappy and disrespectful.{ } Poor Naomi Watts does the best she can

      { }

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