4 STARS

      Gravity - Breakthrough moive about danger in space.{ } Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and state of the art special effects.{ } Oscar contender

      12 Years a Slave - One of the nineteenth century's greatest true stories receives the movie it deserves.{ } Look for Oscar nomination for Chiwetel Ejiofor

      Blue Jasmine - Cate Blanchett gives an Oscar worthy performance in Woody Allen's updated "Streetcar Named Desire."

      3 1/2 STARS

      Enough Said - Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini's mid-life romance sours when Julia meets James' ex

      Rush (R) - Ron Howard's true life race car rival drama: exciting with a good message

      Lee Daniels' The Butler - Forest Whitaker and Oprah re-live America's civil rights struggle

      3 STARS

      Captain Phillips - Tom Hanks as a true life hijacked cargo ship captain

      All is Lost - Robert Redford tries to survive in a leaky sailboat in the middle of the ocean.{ } Its all in his eyes

      Don Jon (R) - Comedy delight with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

      2 1/2 STARS

      The Fifth Estate - Hard to follow biography of Wikileaks Julian Assange.{ } Benedict Cumberbatch could be an Oscar contender

      Prisoners (R) - Child abduction thriller has great power, but runs long

      Baggage Claim - Light comedy - Paula Patton as a flight attendant looking for Mr. Right (Hint: He live across the hall)

      In a World... - Lake Bell plays a struggling voice coach trying to break into voice over work

      2 STARS

      The Counselor (R) - Cromac McCarthy novel about drugs -- long and talky and substitutes posing for action

      Carrie - Remake of a horror classic falls short

      { }