Arch Campbell: The season of blockbuster movies kicks off this week

(WJLA) - Movie fans, hold on to your popcorn boxes - a blockbuster movie season opens this week.

Here's how Hollywood plans to hook you:

Andrew Garfield promised to protect Emma Stone in the first Spiderman movie. Now he faces Electro, played by Jamie Foxx - an electrical engineer with a few short-circuits.

Plus, Godzilla gets a high-tech upgrade. No less than the great Bryan Cranston leads the charge against the mother of all monsters.

And, X-Men: Days of Future Past combines both the old and new cast, thanks to a bit of time travel, with a juicy role for Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence.

And, the month of May ends with a laugh. Seth McFarland hopes to out-do Blazing Saddles in A Million Ways to Die in the Old West.

This weekend, The Other Woman defeated Captain America - read what you want into that - and Heaven is For Real made another strong showing.

Later this week, we'll see why graphic novels make great blockbusters.