Arch Campbell Show: 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' full of special effects

(WJLA) - Large, long, and loud – with lots of things blowing up; “Transformers: Age of Extinction” takes the summer blockbuster formula to ludicrous new heights. Mark Wahlberg gets things rolling when he buys an old truck hiding good guy “autobot” Optimus Prime.

Mark and his family take the good guys’ side against Kelsey Grammer – a government operative who plans to destroy our heroes. Just think of Frasier at his nastiest!

The bad guys, the “Decepticons,” have infiltrated the world’s largest high-tech company headed by Stanley Tucci.

After blowing up rural Texas, Chicago, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, the finale features a smackdown with “dinobots” right out of Jurassic Park.

The special effects look great, but the movie runs at least an hour too long. If you go, take two aspirin and don’t blame me.

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