Arch Campbell Show: 'Transcendence' needs intelligence - artificial or otherwise

(WJLA) - Scientists upload Johnny Depp's brain in Transcendence, a techno-thriller where, of course, all does not turn out well.

Pretty soon, Johnny's is the smartest brain in the world - giving a start to colleagues Morgan Freeman, James Marsden and Rebecca Hall.

Transcendence feels like a weak copy of a lot of better movies. Worth one star and rated PG-13, Transcendence needs intelligence - artificial or otherwise.

Fans of the best-seller Heaven is for Real will find satisfaction in the new movie. With Greg Kinnear as a minister whose son claims he visits Heaven during a life-threatening operation, the event challenges adult faith - and keeps a light touch. Three stars, rated PG.

This weekend's best bets include The Grand Budapest Hotel and Captain America.