Arch Campbell Show: Russell Crowe delivers movie-making greatness in 'Noah'

(WJLA) - Snakes on an ark! - as well as bugs, birds and beasts.

Director Darren Aranofsky's epic sometimes feels slow, sometimes gets weird, and often feels thrilling.

The flood sent to wipe out the earth will give you goosebumps. Russell Crowe creates one of the great moments in movie-making, telling the story of creation.

Some religious viewers object to a big-screen embellishment of the Bible; Crowe appeared on "Good Morning America" to answer the critics.

Movie-goers will get their say starting Friday.

Insiders believe this Noah will skip Mount Arafat for the top spot in the box office.

I'll call it a weekend best-bet, along with Wes Anderson's quirky The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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