Arch Campbell Show: "Need for Speed" stars Aaron Paul

(WJLA) - A 50th anniversary Carol Shelby Mustang shares most of “Need for Speed” with Aaron Paul, stepping out in his first big movie since “Breaking Bad.”

This film tells the usual race car story, clichés and all, without the pizzaz that makes the “Fast and Furious” movies so good. But it lays on the accelerator and demolishes some incredibly machines. Two stars, PG-13, “Need for Speed” is like watching a car crash.

Best new movie honors go to the “Grand Budapest Hotel.” Director Wes Anderson’s follow-up to “Moonrise Kingdom” follows the adventures of a concierge and his lobby boy, an all-star event including a murder, an inheritance, and some jail time – along with a great escape.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is well worth four glorious stars. It heads the weekend Best Bets along with “12 Years a Slave” and “The Dallas Buyers Club.”