Arch Campbell Show: "Locke" could mean awards for Tom Hardy

(WJLA) - Tom Hardy begins “Locke” in a car on the phone. He isn’t coming home, and for the next 90 minutes we discover why as well as the consequences of his decision.

Fans may remember Hardy as Bane on “The Dark Knight Rises,” but “Locke” gives him the kind of role that wins awards, so be sure to remember it this year.

This weekend, Godzilla rises from the sea for a reboot of the Japanese classic. The king of the monsters has fans buzzing over his state-of-the-art special effect smackdowns with a couple of massive unidentified terrestrial organisms. Arrives Friday.

Meanwhile, “Neighbors” kocked Spiderman 2 off the top of the weekend box office charts, making $51 million this weekend. “The Other Woman” managed to remain in the top three.