Arch Campbell Show: Frozen, Oldboy, Black Nativity

      (WJLA) - 'Frozen' creates the world of Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Snow Queen,' with Kristen Bell as the younger sister of Idina Menzel - a princess with the power to bring on winter with a wave of her hand. Unfortunately, she can't quite control her powers.

      Music fans will love the Broadway sound; plus, for laughs, 'Frozen' throws in a goofy snowman voiced by Josh Gad.

      3.5 stars and a family-friendly PG rating for 'Frozen.'

      And what's Thanksgiving without a little revenge? Spike Lee offers 'Oldboy,' his remake of a Korean classic with Josh Brolin as a man held hostage in a room for 20 years. Eventually set free for no reason, Brolinplots revenge - and gets it with style.

      'Black Nativity' mixes a contemporary story with Langston Hughes' holiday classic. Jennifer Hudson sends her son to her parents for the holidays, and Forest Whitaker plays a God-fearing minister. On Christmas Eve, the family rift heals, paralleling the Christmas story itself.

      Here's the completely Thanksgiving holiday movie guide:

      4 stars for Gravity, 12 Years a Slave, and Nebraska.

      Almost 4 stars for Frozen, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and The Book Thief.

      3 stars for Oldboy, Delivery Man, About Time, and Captain Phillips and the Dallas Buyers Club.

      2.5 stars for Best Man Holiday, Black Nativity, and Thor.

      2 stars for Bad Grandpa, and 1 star for Last Vegas.