Arch Campbell Show: Brad Pitt's company produced "12 Years a Slave"

(WJLA) - John Ridley’s script of “12 Years a Slave” connects the 21st Century to the long-forgotten story of Solomon Northrop – a free black man and talented violinist who left his home in New York state for an engagement in Washington, D.C. It was there the people who hired him drugged him and sold him into slavery.

His family finally gained his freedom after years of searching. This story of hope and dignity was a bestseller in the 19th Century, and Ridley credits Brad Pitt, whose company produced the movie, for using his clout to get this story made.

"Brad Pitt's not just a superstar -- he's a good guy," he says

Meanwhile at the movies, “Ride Along” won the box office, and “Lone Survivor” continues to have a strong showing.