Arch Campbell interviews himself about the Emmys and TV these days

Arch Campbell

So what do you think of the Emmy Awards? I've got a few thoughts but since nobody's asked---I'm going to interview myself on the subject---so here goes:

Arch: What do you think of TV these days?

Self: I love it and find myself watching more of it. I think the expansion of cable and technology including On Demand has made the best of TV more available. I got hooked by "The Sopranos" in the 90's and went on to discover "The Wire" and then "Mad Men." These shows feel like really long form movies --- in fact, I think they're better than most movies. So---I'm a fan.

Arch: Who do you like for Best Drama

Self: Well, as I said I am a huge fan of "Mad Men"---I've seen every episode. But this year I discovered 'Breaking Bad"---the Bryan Cranston drama also on AMC. If you haven't seen "Breaking Bad" find an episode. Cranston's a former high school chemistry teacher who gets a terminal diagnosis. To leave his family financially secure, he starts cooking meth. That change in livestyle gets him into some breath-taking situations. This could be the year of "Breaking Bad"---and I say that just on a hunch.

Arch: So does that mean you like Bryan Cranston as best dramatic actor.

Self: Yeah. Although it would be nice to see Jon Hamm win for Don Draper, but a hunch tells me it's Bryan Cranston.

Arch: What about the other Best Drama nominees.

Self: Well, you have "Boardwalk Empire", which I like but don't love, and "Downton Abbey" --- a typical but very fun PBS series and "Game of Thrones" which is beyond me and "Homeland" which I know a lot of people like but lately I hear some fans muttering about it. I just like the long form dramas playing on cable and premium dramas.

Arch: How about best actress in a drama?

Self---Well you have Kathy Bates for the canceled "Harry's Law" and Glenn Close for "Damages" and Claire Danes for "Homeland" and Michelle Dockery for "Downton Abbey and Julianna Margulies for "The Good Wife" and Elizabeth Moss for "Mad Men". I like Elizabeth Moss best because of my love of "Mad Men." Clair Danes is the favorite. The Emmy Awards like to make statements so don't rule out Kathy Bates winning for her canceled series "Harry's Law".

Arch: This is going way too long---wrap it up windbag.

Self---Ok---I think "Modern Family" is great but I also hear a lot about "Girls" and Lena Denham. Just let me add that in my humble opinion, TV has really excelled in the long form drama. Did I mention "Boss" and "Treme"? They weren't even nominated.

Arch: Thanks self.