Anchorman 2 review: Will Ferrell's sequel garners 3 stars

(WJLA) - The original Anchorman was marked by some of the most quotable lines - "Don't act like you're not impressed," for one - and sidesplitting gags that have become iconic.

The loud noises, constant yelling, scorpion women and the old school anchor team are all back on Wednesday when its sequel, Anchorman 2, makes its much awaited debut.

While the original Anchorman did just OK at the box office, it found new life on DVD. That makes the sequel's arrival come with huge expectations.

Back for the second go-around is Will Ferrell as the clueless San Diego anchorman Will Ferrell. In this go-around, he and his gang reassemble in the 1980s during the advent of cable news.

"He's a blend of the newscasters I watched in Los Angeles in the 70s," Ferrell says.

Anchorman 2 cuts just close enough for satire and is broad enough to keep you laughing, building up to an outrageous conclusion.

Arch's rating: 3 stars