An interview with Scandal's Joe Morton

(WJLA) - When we last saw Rowan Pope, he had just learned that he lost his job as Head of the CIA’s secret unit. And if you’ve been keeping up with the show, you know that Olivia Pope’s parents are both up to no good.

The Pope trio is not the only storyline in this hit drama. Expect big developments with everyone from Huck to Harrison.

Relaxed and on the red carpet, Morton tells us that if he were writing the script himself, he would have the chance to take revenge against Fitz for putting him in chains.

So we had to ask: As Olivia Pope’s father, who would he rather see her with – Jake Ballard or President Grant? After all, a father knows best.

Joe Morton said he would be okay with Jake Ballard, but definitely not the president, because as we know, he is a married man.