American Pet Products Association: Americans spend $55 billion on pets

(WJLA) - Celebrity Miley Cyrus is reportedly forking out $15,000 to pet stylist Jorge Bendersky to makeover her five rescue dogs. Bendersky says celebrities are snatching up accessories like $3,000 motorcycle jacket harnesses or $3,800 Kiki Harman doggy purses. There are also Swarovski crystal collars. And what dog wouldn't want a custom-designed gown?

Americans will spend more than $55 billion on their pets this year, according to the American Pet Products Association. And it's not all about the fancy dresses and bling. Many pet owners are going above and beyond to help what's going on the inside of the body and mind as well.

At Paws of Enchantment in Mount Ranier, Maryland, services like paw massages, aromatherapy treatments, and even dead sea mud baths are part of these posh pooches' protocol.

Pet psychic Diane Roadcap helps people find out what their pets are thinking - at a cost of a couple hundred dollars per session.

"They show me pictures of images and then I'm able to translate them," explained Roadcap.

Some people may call these expenses extravagant, but many owners tell us their dog's happiness is worth every penny.