Alison Starling's baby: July is baby season!

Photo: Associated Press

It didn't take long to realize July is a very popular month for baby's to be born… Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian and of course the adorable Duchess Kate are all expecting.

I have to admit I never looked at "baby bump" photos of celebrities in the past, but now, it's fun. I feel like I'm a member of their "club" at least for about 7 more weeks! I really like seeing the different celebrity styles.

Like Jessica Simpson...

And then there’s Kim. Kardashian has also said (probably joking) they are thinking of the name Easton for their baby, so he or she would be Easton West!

And Kate.. could anyone be cuter? She is so elegant and fabulous in her maternity frocks. On a recent ABC 20/20 special about the royal birth, they said they are taking bets on everything in London, including whether or not she'll have a C-section. A British royal watcher said, "definitely C-Section because she's TOO POSH TO PUSH!" Very funny.

Our fascination with pregnant women is interesting. One of the nicest parts of the experience for me has been how kind people are, asking how I feel, telling me I look great even on my worst day. It seems to bring out a real thoughtfulness in people. Maybe it's a moment to reflecting on what the experience was like for them or their family.

I was coming out of a store the other day and a nice man stopped me and said, "I love your dress. My niece is expecting, and I want to get one of those for her."

I knew he looked familiar, and it was Monte from "Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta!" (He actually lives here, and commutes to Atlanta for the show.) He was so much fun, and I guess I can always say he said "yes" to my (maternity) dress!

Each day the anticipation grows, along with my belly. Our baby is now the size of a large squash or pineapple, and there is lots of kicking and moving, sometimes up in my ribs!

We are about to get a tour of the Maternity Ward, take a child care class and get help putting the finishing touches on the nursery (mostly with the help of my Mom.)

Life is good for Jessica, Kim, Kate, and me!