Alison Starling's baby: 31 weeks in and inching closer

Photo: Northern Virginia Magazine/Erick Gibson)

In light of the horrific tornado in Oklahoma, like so many of us, I'm counting my blessings again as our countdown continues to when we welcome our first child. Our thoughts go out to those families who have lost so much, it's impossible to imagine what they're going through. Their strength and resilience is an incredible inspiration.

With just eight weeks to go, this week we are digging into our ancestry and DNA. We learned about our past, our baby's future and even some fun surprises about celebrities with whom we share genetic lines! On Wednesday's ABC 7 News at 5, we tell you more about our experience. Maybe your family would want to do the same?

I feel like I have very little space in my belly this week! We are at 31 weeks, the baby measures more 16 inches long and weighs between 3.3 and 4 pounds (try carrying four navel oranges, I'm told!) And on top of that, she is heading into a growth spurt.

She's moving a lot, too, so I am feeling kicks, somersaults and waves of movement. I am fighting fatigue big time; any mothers or moms- to- be have tricks to help with energy?

In the last blog, I asked if you have opinions on the "belly buds" that allow you to play music to the womb. Many people say playing classical music can make your baby smarter. However, Terese Oliver Wells makes this point in an email to me, "No need to "plug in" your baby before birth. She'd probably rather hear the sound of your voice - talk to her. Even read outloud."

Not to worry, Terese, we're taking your advice, and we hope our little girl isn't already bored with "Goodnight Moon!"