Aladdin the Camel visits ABC 7 to celebrate 'Hump Day!'

Aladdin the Camel belongs to Pony to Go farm, based in Berryville, Virginia. He came to visit the ABC 7 studio on Wednesday to celebrate Hump Day!

Aladdin is six years old, and loves being around people. His owner, Jennifer Cossette, told us that he loves following his handlers everywhere they go.

Auto insurance company Geico has hired Aladdin on occasion for Hump Day events, and he has gained popularity as the Christmas camel at Mount Vernon!

Leon Harris, Alison Starling, Tim Brant, Arch Campbell and Gordon Peterson all stopped by for some time with Aladdin -- along with hundreds of other Rosslyn workers anxious to meet him.

People came from all directions after spotting Aladdin from surrounding high-rise office buildings, while others pulled their cars over just to get a photo of Aladdin in front of WJLA.

You can visit Aladdin's Facebook page here!