Academy bans Sacha Baron Cohen's publicity stunt from the red carpet

Sacha Baron Cohen (Photo Credit: CesarKensen via Flikr)

NEW YORK (AP) - Admiral Gen. Shabazz Aladeen says he's outraged that he's been banned from the Oscars.

Aladeen is Sacha Baron Cohen's character in his upcoming film "The Dictator," and Cohen planned to walk the red carpet dressed as Aladeen. Seems the academy has problems with the publicity stunt.

In a call to the "Today" show this morning, Aladeen said normally he would be impressed by what he called "an act of cowardice by a faceless regime." But he says this is personal.

Aladeen says if he doesn't have his Oscar tickets by midday Sunday, there will be "unimaginable consequences." Like what? The general says oil prices will be raised.

"The Dictator" opens May 11.