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      95 / 73
      92 / 73

      The ABC7 VIP Jeopardy! in Washington Ticket Winners

      Congratulations{ }to our ABC7 VIP Jeopardy! in Washington{ }Winners

      Monday, April 9th

      Gary Ruff

      Duane Snow

      Rose Soldano{ }

      Sabine Stewart

      Jill McMahon

      Tuesday, April 10th

      Dolores Allegretti

      Jacqueline Chisley

      Shakina Hardy{ }

      Uzochukwu Nwanguma{ }

      Lauren DeAngelis

      Wednesday, April 11th

      Paul Maneyapanda

      Raye Carniello{ }
      { }
      Linnette Williams{ }

      Daphne Osborne{ }

      Bonnie Taylor

      Thursday, April 12th

      Janet Utman

      Natalie Sasser

      Michele Higgs

      Linda Young

      Michael Aho

      Friday, April 13th

      Harris Walker

      Katelin Welles

      Arlene Mascarenhas

      Mary Jane Michaels

      Maria Ramm

      { }


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