AARP's 21 sexiest men over 50

      Here's a hunky list to brighten your day.

      AARP has created a list of the 21 sexiest men over 50. They call it the Men on Fire list. It's no surprise that actor George Clooney is included. But there are some others you might not expect - like cellist Yo-Yo Ma or 70-year-old author John Irving.

      Take a look at the full list here.

      Antonio Banderas George Clooney Colin Firth Jon Huntsman Jr. Jon Bon Jovi Samuel Jackson Liam Neeson Denzel Washington Brian Williams Yo-Yo Ma Scott BakulaJames BrolinRupert EverettJohn Irving, Author Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Environmentalist Andy Mill, Downhill skierLeslie Moonves, CEO of CBS Viggo MortensenPaul Sereno, Paleontologist George StraitMario Van Peebles