2013 summer movie preview: Iron Man 3, Wolverine

The weather is heating up – which means a new crop of summer movies will soon be in a theater near you.

And this summer, like previous ones, super heroes will dominate the silver screen.

In Iron Man 3 zillionaire inventor Tony Stark saves the world from 'The Mandarin’ while the man of steel returns to the big screen.

As the Wolverine, Hugh Jackman sharpens his steel claws to fight ninjas and super villains

During the summer movie season, Hollywood creates these stories based on past performances. But why are we so drawn to these movies?

Georgetown professor Caetlin Benson-Allott teaches film history. She says advances in special effects and the crowd of kids out of school explain the kind of movies we see in summer.

“Special effects used to be the icing - now they're the cake,” she says.

Plus, movies echo our world, including the world since 9/11

“We get attacked but we ultimately avenge,” she says.