'Scandal' Season 3 premieres Thursday

The third season of “Scandal” picks off right where last season left off. The stars of ABC’s hit show are already talking and say to be ready for a wild premiere.

It’s been months since we learned Rowan Pope is Olivia Pope’s father, and while most “Scandal” watchers will be eager to see how their relationship plays out, Thursday’s episode isn’t all about family affairs.

“We will in fact learn who leaked the information about{ }[Olivia] being the mistress of the president,” says Dan Bucatinsky.

The secret love affair between Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant has been the center of the scandalous drama. Bu they won’t be the only pair trying to figure out the mole.

Still hungry for more Season{ }3 scoop? Jake Ballard, thesecret agent the president hired to follow Olivia Pope, will return. Huck is back, too, but he says his killer training has rubbed off on Quinn.

What makes the show so successful is the chemistry of the cast, something Kerry Washington says comes naturally.

“We’re very close," she says.{ }"We really are a family. In real life we just adore each other.”

“Scandal” will premiere at 10 p.m. on ABC7.