'Scandal': Behind the scenes of the acclaimed series

Part of the reason Washingtonians love "Scandal" is that it is set in the nation’s capital, but would you believe the show has never taped one scene in D.C.? Instead, the White House and Capitol have been re-created in Hollywood.

Inside the soundstage is where Olivia Pope{ }& Associates solve fictitious D.C. power players’ potentially life-destroying dilemmas.{ }

Pope, played by Kerry Washington, and her team of gladiators in suits, are a motley crew of problem solvers.

“People relate to the people on the show because nobody is all good or bad, we’re just human beings trying to do the best we can,” Washington says.

From a no-nonsense businesswoman to the president’s vulnerable mistress, Pope and all of{ }the show's{ }characters straddle a thin line between hero and villain.

“It’s a new kind of storytelling so people sit down expecting a certain formula or pace and instead they get an emotional explosion and by the end they’re spent on the sofa gasping for air,” Bellamy Young says.

In less than two seasons, "Scandal" has catapulted into one of primetime’s biggest shows, leaving the audience with weekly cliffhangers.

But cast members say they’re also in the dark, getting scripts just hours before taping begins.{ }

“It’s kind of exciting to not know and go on the journey with the character,” says Columbus Short.{ }

"Scandal"{ }is racking up acclaim as a television masterpiece.

“To be in something we believe in so much and to have people acknowledge it and recognize it is so rare and wonderful,” says Tony Goldwyn.
There has also certainly been a lot of recognition of the chemistry between Hollywood’s hottest onscreen couple, Olivia Pope and President Fitz Grant.