'Paranormal Activity 4' set for debut in theaters tonight

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Today’s paranormal trek to the outer reaches of the pop-culture worlds finds spookiness, Bruce Springsteen and a buddy, Ashton Kutcher’s wallet, Jon Stewart on the debate, other things, and the mystery music video.

WE ARE NOT ALONE: A fourth reminder of that, per The Hollywood Reporter, “Paramount's Paranormal Activity 4 should have little trouble winning the weekend race after opening in theaters Thursday night, although it may not debut as high as the last two titles in the Halloween horror franchise, at least domestically. Studio insiders say there is much more competition in the marketplace this October as a number of films -- including holdovers Taken 2, Argo, Hotel Transylvania and last weekend's new horror offering Sinister -- continue to over-perform. And there's always the possibility of franchise fatigue.”

SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS: Just the facts, per the Los Angeles Times, “More than two decades after "The Cosby Show" broke new ground in the pop-culture mainstream with its portrayal of a loving two-parent black family, shows featuring nuclear black families or families of color have all but vanished. "The conventional wisdom in Hollywood is that building a show around a black family would be a liability in terms of attracting a wider audience," said Darnell Hunt, director of UCLA's Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies.”

THE BOSS: And POTUS, per Rolling Stone, “Bruce Springsteen has posted a letter on his website outlining the reasons he supports the re-election of President Obama this fall, citing Obama's efforts to "increase and expand employment for all," to protect "our all important social safety net," his removal of troops from Iraq and the killing of Osama bin Laden. Springsteen writes that he is also motivated by Republican voter-suppression efforts and "the increasing division of wealth in this country."

SHOW ME THE MONEY: Kelso rules, per Forbes, “Charlie Sheen? Who’s Charlie Sheen? The volatile actor topped our list of the Highest-Paid TV Actors last year with $40 million. This year he’s nowhere to be seen, while the actor who took over his lead role on the hit CBS sitcom Two and A Half Men reigns in the No. 1 spot. We estimate that Ashton Kutcher earned $24 million between May 2011 and May 2012.”

TOM WOLFE: Of an intriguing new novel, per the New York Times, “In “Back to Blood,” Tom Wolfe tries to do for Miami what he did for New York in “The Bonfire of the Vanities” and Atlanta in “A Man in Full.” The result is a soapy, gripping and sometimes glib novel that’s filled with heaps of contrivance and cartoonish antics, but that also stars two characters who attest to Mr. Wolfe’s new and improved ability to conjure fully realized people.”

WEDDING BELLS: But first, a celebration, per Us Weekly, “This party has officially started! On Wednesday, husband-and-wife-to-be Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel hosted over 50 guests in Puglia, Italy for a pre-wedding beach party dinner, Us Weekly can report.”

DELAYED DIPLOMA: No longer the case, per the Daily Mail, “He's sold over 5 million albums and his latest tour took more than $42million. But for rapper Drake none of that compares to his pride at graduating from high school. The 25-year-old finally gained his diploma on Wednesday, ten years after leaving school at just 15 in search of stardom.”

JON STEWART: As usual, he slays, per Deadline, “The Daily Show host kicked off his show last night with the rebound of Barack Obama in the second Presidential debate. Jon Stewart gave particular attention to the way the now engaged incumbent (and tonight’s Daily Show guest) handled rival Mitt Romney’s assertion that he did not immediately call last month’s Benghazi attack on U.S. diplomats “an act of terror.”

OBIT: Just the facts, per People, “Sylvia Kristel, arguably the world's first true porn star, whose starring role in the 1974 erotic French film Emmanuelle changed the face of adult cinema, has died of cancer. She was 60. "She died during the night during her sleep," her agent told the AFP news agency on Thursday.”

WHAT BREAKUP?: Signs to the contrary, per Celebuzz, “On-again, off-again couple Katy Perry and John Mayer were inseparable Tuesday night during his 35th birthday festivities in Manhattan, according to multiple eyewitnesses who spoke to Celebuzz. The two musicians enjoyed lunch together at ABC Kitchen, then took the party into the early morning hours with drinks at Lower East Side hot-spot The Box.”

MEANWHILE: In a somewhat related item, per Radar, “Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have separate hotel rooms for their upcoming worldwide promotional media blitz for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2, is exclusively reporting. Summit Entertainment isn't taking any chances that the couple will have problems again and be forced to scramble at the last minute to book one of them a posh hotel suite," a source close to the situation tells Radar.”

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

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