'Life of a King' based on D.C. native

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The movie "Life of a King” is based on D.C. native Eugene Brown and a game he learned during a long prison sentence for bank robbery, where his teacher and older inmate divided his bank money by his prison time.

“He said 'You know the risk wasn’t worth the reward. You do the same thing on the chess board,'" says Brown.

The movie shows Brown’s life after he got out with a notion of teaching kids in D.C. to do something that chess taught him.

"Our motto is always think before you move," he says.

Brown has created chess programs in schools, churches, and even created his own chess house for young people to come and learn to play, which is depicted in the movie.

Wendell Hankins, whom Brown taught to play at age 9, now works in IT and is a married father of five.

“Think before you move. You have to think about everything you do because everything you do has repercussions,” Hankins says.

Brown believes his chess center has helped keep a number of kids out of trouble. It’s given them something to do with their minds and their time, and it’s made them think twice before they move.